1. Minterwute
    Created by Minterwute
    Mar 11, 2023
    I am having fun and an greyome, but unironically this time.

    this is not a dril

    truly this is a revelation to us all

    > le dansze

    ecks dee
  2. Tyro D. Fox
    Created by Tyro D. Fox
    Mar 26, 2021
    Community Post #177

    I dunno, I just like that old gif. And it's very appropriate now.

    So, if anyone did look at the poll and try to add themselves or their idea to it, it would turn out that they couldn't do much. I looked specifically for poll software that let you...
  3. Tyro D. Fox
    Created by Tyro D. Fox
    Feb 11, 2021
    Community Post #176

    Have you heard about this? It's honestly kinda sweet. Apparently, the Reddit Communities for Team Fortress 2 and Splatoon 2 have been making friendly gestures towards each other. As someone that's a fan of both games, it's pretty sweet to see all the memes and jokes going back and forth as people appear to intermingle.

    It's pretty lovely. And kinda funny, especially with Payday 2's reddit joining in, apparently. I play all three, though TF2 the most. And while I am slowly managing to learn how to make sure I don't rocket jump around like a bleedin' idiot, it's nice to see something good come out of TF2 that isn't related to the...
  4. Tyro D. Fox
    Created by Tyro D. Fox
    Jul 29, 2020

    Community Post #175
    Having a Beano

    As per a lot of things, there's stuff that perculates to the surface and inspires whenever I watch Youtube. It does push me towards thinking of these little retrospectives and daft little articles that I've hammered into my own weird little platform for stuff that pops into my head.

    The one in particular relevant today refers to this tidbit a lot of American reviewers might bring up as a bit of wacky knowledge. Notably, AVGN when he mentions that Dennis the Menace has a 'British Twin' that rose up co-incidentally alongside the 'American' one.

  5. Tyro D. Fox
    Created by Tyro D. Fox
    Jul 13, 2020
    Community Post#174
    I do feel this might be a little self-indulgent and likely egotistic to heap a lot of this on yourself but when you are in charge of a site, write it's most widely seen bit and vanish for a long ol' while, you can't help but think that leaving for a while has gotten things to where they are.

    But let's answer this: What have I been doing? Uuuhh, work. I managed to wrap up my University Course with some serious gusto, I was then very, very quickly able to find work that fitted my degree but needed me to move out...