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    Welcome to Don't drink the punch, nopony knows what the 'D' in 'Tyro.D.Fox' stands for and it's OK, we're were all new and Fluttery once. Just be proud you've now said 'hello'.

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    Special Somepony

    You've been given a like. Ain't that just swell! Maybe you could try posting something like that again to get more?

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    Feeling Pinkie Keen

    So, you've stuck around and made 30 posts, ay? Awesome!

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    Passing the Muffin

    Your liking things! This is good. It means you're starting to like things. It's redundant but no less true.

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    Sweet and Elite

    100 messages? My my! You'll be all over the place within no time!

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    Want it, Need it spells not required

    You've gotten a post to be liked 25 times so far. Whatever you're doing, it's been working a treat! Unless, it really is witchcraft. In that case, we need to talk because there's some lottery money we could be trying to win.

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    Random Clicker

    Became a Member after finding the site through a search engine. Yes, sometimes randomly googling things is a good idea.

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    Mystery Pony

    Hey! Get an avatar! Show the world your beautiful face! Or something funny. Eithers fine.

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    Pinkie Pride

    Your liking a lot of things. If you think of liking something to giving an applause, you're occasionally stopping to clap. This says to whoever wrote that post "Yes. This is, INDEED, worth my time!".

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    A Pony Everypony Should Know

    What?! 100 likes on a post?! How? When? Who? What? Where? Why?I'm running out of Interagative Pronouns, I'll have to make up more! Um...Zigmay! Whollolo? Zaggat? Swood? Bizzmak? Kumquat?!

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    A Friend in Deed

    You've stuck around long enough to make 1000 messages. This basically makes us family. Tyro's the weird uncle, Elunna is the Aunt, Dragonbait is the other uncle and you're the nephew or niece with a really confusing family tree.

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    One big MMMM every time you arrive

    So, you've been handing out lots of likes around the place? Isn't that nice of you? If you equate likes to applause, you're the one always cheering. Good on you! Keep it up and you might get thanked some day for encouraging somepony to do something special. Dawww...What a sweet thought...

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    I LOVE IT!

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes.

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    Love and Tolerance in Bucketloads

    So, you're now throwing around likes pretty much everywhere. Isn't that sweet? Although, if you think of a like as applause, your now roaming around, wooping and hollering encouragement as much as you possibly can. This is pretty much pure awesome and we may need to tap some of it like Maple Syrup. Where else are we supposed to get Awesome Sause?

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    Like a Royal Wedding, Nightmare Night and Hearth's Warming Eve all rolled into one!

    Good gravy! There's no stopping you! At 250 likes, we kinda have to concede that you are simply awesome. You can read books by the heavenly glow you exude right now.