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Souffle Girl, from I can't tell where I am this time...

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Jan 13, 2014
    1. Rarit E
      Rarit E
      Right-click on the image you want in your signature, click "Copy Image Location", and paste that between the [IMG]
    2. Rarit E
      Rarit E
      (totally unrelated)
      How do you get a gif or picture to work as a signature? I can't figure it out...
      (totally unrelated)

      If an image in your signature is cut off at the bottom, it simply means the image is too big. There'll be nothing you can do about that except finding something smaller. This size restriction was put in place to prevent a user's signature from getting too spammy.
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    I can't tell where I am this time...
    Pegasus (f)
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    Dakota Carol
    Well hullo ther. I am Awesomefacederp4278. Anypony who gets the reference hidden in the numbers on my name, you are officially on my awesome list. All the rest of you are automatically on my cool list, that's where you start off. I can't wait to see what this site has in store for me! :)


    Run, everypony! It's the Pinkocolypse!!!
    (Thx to Rarit E for helping me figure out how to get this thing up :D)