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Sorry, I only date pigeons., from Denmark

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Jan 10, 2014
    1. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      Thanx 4 the compliment! I do the best I can... even if I do miss my balls right now.:laugh:
    2. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Its not my fault that word bothers me a lot. It just happons to be one of my aspie quirks.

      Please, just leave me alone. I never ment to upset you or anything >_>;

      Plus, I thought my little pony fans were all about 'love and tollerence'. Just. Ugh. I can't talk to you...
    3. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Sorry if you thought I was trolling, I was actually just asking an innocent question....but I appoligize. I guess, I don't really quite get how that thread works but sheesh. That was a little harsh... :[
    4. DaRarityRikuNFan
      I'd answer the question about dress up games; but I'M AFRAID TO...

      I do think they're evil, though...i guess...
    5. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Hi! *pop's up pinkie pie styal* Wanna be friends?! :D
    6. Saikyo
      You're such a dirty bird
    7. Saikyo
    8. Saikyo
      How sweet of you ; w;
    9. Saikyo
      No. No I do not.
    10. Saikyo
      Buk buk ima penguin
    11. BryGuy Shinigami
      BryGuy Shinigami
      aww thanks, I like that comic.
    12. chocolatechip
      whats spaceman sam?
    13. mintjelly
      >Alakazam is god tier
      My old post was pretty much the same stuff, just worded in a way that made me sounds really pompous and pretentious.
    14. Saikyo
      Sends constant love and affection to places and things.

      There you go.
    15. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      What is your username on there?
    16. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      Your art is pretty awesome! Do you have a DeviantArt account?
    17. Twinkledust
      >Get tipsy.
      >Watch Baman Piderman season one.
      >Find it kind of endearing and intriguing.
      >Get more tipsy.
      >Watch season two.
      >Finish last episode. Head is spinning now, filled with interpretations and feels and alcohol.
      >Fall asleep on bed. Cat falls asleep on me.
      >Wake up with headache.
      >Cat has turned into gigantic orange squib.
      >Try carefully to move out from under the squib without waking it up.
      >It wakes up and begins to squish me with it's wriggling mass of tentacles.
      >Pray for help to whatever god is willing to give any.
      >Squib gets offended and leaves through the window.
      >Feel guilty.

      Also, my cat has been missing ever since. Wat do?
    18. Keldeo
      I don't know much about allergies myself. I'm not sure I even have any. I remember when I first learned seasonal allergies exist, it blew my mind. I don't know how people can deal with being sick for three straight months. D:

      I also don't know much about Danish current events. Are they being blocked from getting jobs or something? Ironic as it sounds I wish that would happen more over here... a lot of our teachers don't deserve to be employed.

      But I do know quite a bit about how sexual innuendo doesn't work well with strangers. I've been on the receiving end. XD
    19. Keldeo
      So how'd your konfirmation go the other day? Judging from that one post you must've spent more time on your feet than you planned. :(

      Any embarrassing stories for me? :O
    20. Saikyo
      You know what... I should.
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