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(Peladophobian tribute? *shrugs*)
Before we start, I advise you to get a calculator because... we're about to add *squee!* up.
Chihuahuas have 2 eyes.
You need to be 21 to drink Salty Chihuahua.
9+10=21 confirmed.
But wait, there must be more to this, right?
I don't know, but let's find out.
9+10 is 19 but also 21.
21 is 20 numbers away from 1.
Mischaracterizations has 20 letters.
Characters. My Little Pony has characters.
Princess Celestia controls the sun.
Sun. Sun has 3 letters.
Triangles have 3 sides.
Illuminati is a triangle.
Princess Celestia has eyes.
Illuminati has an eye.
Princess Celestia rules Equestria, just like the illuminati rules the world.
Princess Celestia created the 9+10 joke to distract you from the Illuminati = confirmed.
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