I got hit by a car.

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What the title says.

I was at work. I had just finished taking out our cardboard when a customer asked me for help at the pumps. I helped him out and then was on my way back inside the store. I saw a piece of garbage on the ground and went to pick it up. I saw a truck backing up so I backed up and let them pass. After they passed I went to get the garbage and I got hit. I didn't see who hit me I just hit the ground hard.

After I got hit I felt numb I wanted to get up but I just couldn't. A moment later I did. I'm not sure if I had picked up the garbage before or after I got hit, but it was in my hands and customer were telling me to just sit on the curb, So I did. They said they called the cops and an Ambulance. I remember talking to a firefighter or a cop and then going inside to sit down. After that I sat till my headache was manageable and started to go back to work. My Manager got their. She had me talk to the owner and then call the 7 Eleven hotline. They then sent me home. My head still hurt a little, but I was more than willing to finish my shift.

I'm told I declined talking to the paramedics, but I remember thinking that they'd follow me inside.

Not an experience I'd ever like to repeat.
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