Is it me or are Pokemon fans more divided than ever before?

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I have found myself wonder WTF is going on with the Pokemon fandom. It's gotten so divided now in opinions that you either support Gamefreak or you are Gamefreak hater. This whole war over ideals isn't anything new, but it's seemingly reached it's apex with Pokemon Sword/Shield now being a thing.

The things I've noticed is that the side that hates what Gamefreak is doing to Pokemon, argues all the of things that old Pokemon games had that recent generations no longer have. And how recent generations are horrible due to this fact. Then there are those who blindly worship the ground Gamefreak walks. Thinking all the Pokemon games are flawless. Me personally. I really don't fall into either category. I enjoy the games in the series, but I am not conceded enough to say the games are 'flawless', either. I'll openly admit that each of the Pokemon games have their issues. But I don't let those issues color my opinion of the games.

Each iteration have new things and have removed things I too have enjoyed before. And it is heartbreaking to not be able to do certain things. However, I see it as Gamefreak playing with ideas. Experimenting with things to see what will stick and what will fall like a sack of goo. Which is why I appreciate when they do mix things up. They add things to a rather stale formula that make the games continuously engaging. I'll admit that games like the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire were not really within my realm of interest, but I'm sure there are those who enjoy those games. There is a market.

Me personally, I am a MAJOR custom character buff and I was delighted when Pokemon X and Y debuted the custom character feature. Yeah it was limited and unimpressive. But the idea exploded. And it returned somewhat improved in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And now Sword and Shield have improved on it even more.

Also I see people complaining about the Gigamax Pokemon and the lack of National Dex. For the fore complaint. I can see the idea being a bit jarring. I raised an eyebrow at it when I first saw this feature. But seeing how it works as we got closer to release, I rather like the idea. Plus it looks to be bring back a lot of the lost challenge, recent Pokemon games don't have. As for the latter complaint. I see it as a petty gripe being made by avid Pokemon fans. Don't take this the wrong way, but I see a lack of a National Dex as a good thing. The reason why is because I see Pokemon Sword and Shield as a refresh of the series. I complete mix up from the stale formula of the past. We don't need to have all the old Pokemon and seeing new Pokemon for the game is honestly refreshing. Getting a break from having to face mostly the same Pokemon over and over again. But that's how I see it.

If you like the ideas or are curious about how it will be, buy it. If you hate every aspect of it, don't buy it. No one is forcing to buy it or to generally think otherwise. Despite what warring fans of the series might say. I am going to personally get Pokemon Shield and enjoy it. Well.. when I have the money to get it. So yeah.
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