It's 5:30 AM

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I woke up to go to work, but I read my text messages and the class has been cancelled. I wish I had checked my messages yesterday.

So, I'm here losing time because I took a shower and I don't want to go to bed with my hair wet. So I'm here looking at memes and hearing cheerful, uplifting songs.

I'm glad I found this job. I really like to teach when I get a student that's motivated and wants to learn. Some people ask me if it's boring or tiresome to teach basics. It isn't. I love the "ah, I get it!" face they make. It's actually the teen that's sent by his mom or the employee sent by his company and that don't want to learn that's frustrating.

In case my ramblings are boring, I will recommend
which is full of audiobooks. I'm thankful for the MLP subreddit for providing it to me.

Anyway, to end this entry, here's this funny song that I was listening to yesterday.

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