Personal Experience equals Racism?

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There I times when Ridley rubs me the wrong way, but there are other times we see eye to eye. So I'm kind of annoyed he got banned. What he got banned for was labeled as Racism. I've never know Ridley to be racist. He has several times complained about the immigrants he works (who happen to be Mexican) with and it's believed his most recent rant was the cause of the ban. He started off explicitly saying the immigrants at his job site and ended saying Mexican. Granted he didn't ended the best way, but if you read the whole thing in context he did start by specifying at his work site. I've never seen him treat Prince of the Night bad, and she (or he?) has flat out stated they are Mexican.

I work in a convenience store I'm not sure the proper ratio but we have a lot of minority customers and because of that most, but far from all, of are problems are with minorities. I don't have problems with people because of their race I have problems with them due to their actions. I get that maybe Ridley didn't have the best tact, or maybe wording, but was it really racism?
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