Writing and Time

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There are so many things I'd like to write about. Lately I've been thinking about writing about the elections.

Not that I care much about politics, but I just think that these elections were different. It was an amazing event where I could watch my favorite animals (humans) in their element and study their behavior.

Jokes aside, I think there is much more than just politics and economy that was in play in this election. I think there was some issues regarding evolution, tribalism, pack animal behavior, cultural values, technology, and maybe even spirituality and cognitive science.

The scarce resource for me is time. I'm behind on my writing, I want to finish my first novel. And I'm also working on getting my adventure module for the Tiny Horsies RPG published. Many people don't know that writing something is half of the job. Producing it, placing it on Amazon and DrivethruRPG (who is taking their god dammed time) and promoting it is the other half of the job. And then there's my first card game after that.

Fortunately, I was just hired to give some classes, so that'll help me a bit and I was just contacted by the University of Illinois to write a paper for them. How cool is that?

I wonder if anyone ever reads this stuff, but at least it allowed me to get some things off my chest.

Oh, and one of my favorite Youtubers sent me a video of her music. That really cheered me up.

And I've met a group of bronies and we're going to be roleplaying online too. I haven't done that in ages.

Ok, erratic blabber done.

Have a wonderful day.
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