Wrong Button Pushed.

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I get casual RPs are just that casual. They don't have rules, but there are just certain things that rub me the wrong way. First I know my character is a robot, but he's a living Robot. I don't take kindly to people who say they can simply hack Lio. Life is complicated. I can't hack a person's human character, I don't care how frelling smart their character is they can't hack Lio.

Second is my character's Tech. I know this is a self imposed rule of mine, but I take time to develop tech Lio uses. Years of Real life pass before Lio has something new. That said I don't take kindly to someone saying they can hack it or simply copy it. One of the reasons for my self imposed rule is so that I can say I built failsafe and firewalls into the tech. I don't care what powers someone's characters claim to possess you can't frelling account for every possibility. There are somethings you can account for and that someone saying the scanned it. Good for you, your scans give you what? A portion of the picture. Not the whole *squee!*ing thing. The first episode of Star Trek DS9 is a perfect example, the Cardasions scanned the station and saw armaments that weren't there.

The example that brings up my rant is my interdimensional communications hub. A station that started as a nock-off of DS9 admittingly. Now my knock-off more or less just had the shell, my own tech was used. Ridley mentioned he can't communicate between dimensions, I mentioned I can to prove a previous point about some people have different specialties that others. I didn't suddenly have the station just so I could say it. Ridley always going on about estabished facts so here's a few: My first post ever mentions my character is from another dimension. http://www.everypony.com/threads/last-to-post-round-five.16165/page-166#post-607081 Brings up that my body here is a remote. There's a post somewhere in the Last to Post where I mentioned my real body was in another dimension which would tie everything together but I haven't found it yet.
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