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Slay Ranma by Lioconvoy

Legal Stuff: For the most part none of the characters are mine; the characters of Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Slayers, and others belong to their respective creators.

Other Stuff from the Author: The idea for this story came to me after reading Carrotglace's "Sailor Ranmoon Vol. 1", and sailor pluto rok's "If Akane was a sailor scout"

Chapter Four: Playing with Dolls

Just as she and Akane arrived at the doll store, so to did Ranma and Kaoru. She was surprised to see Kaoru dressed in an outfit similar to Gourry’s normal armor. She was so distracted by Kaoru’s attire she forgot to hide from Ranma. Why wasn’t he cringing?

“Were you two just flying?” Akane was jealous she looked like someone doing a poor job of cosplaying Sailor Moon, but Ranma looks like Ami with slightly longer hair, maybe it was the light but it looked like his hair turned blue. Who was the Knight with her.

“Kaoru uses magic.” Ranma looked at the cat shaped creature next to Akane. She didn’t have a moon shaped mark on her head, but assumed she was Lina. He noticed that particular cat around from time to time, mostly because it never triggered his fear. How long had Lina been watching him? In fact… she was there when he got his fear of cats she fought off some of the felines the first two times he was thrown in the pit. “Um is that Lina?”

“Kaoru’s a guy!”

He wasn’t really surprised by that reaction. Most people thought he was a girl. Despite knowing magic was real he didn’t know it was possible for him to really be a girl. He wondered if he wanted to be one. That wasn’t really important right now. He looked at the cat with Akane. Or who he thought was Akane, something kept him from recognizing her. The cat something felt off about her, he didn’t know what it was, but even if he didn’t know she was behind the Senshi he’d know she was special. Wait…cat Lina… from the family history he was forced to endure as punishment. Was Koaru in the presence of the Lina Inverse?

“It’s obvious we have much to discus latter. However right now I think it’s best you deal with the constructs.” I can feel the energy begin to gather. If you defeat them quickly it will return, but if we take to long it won’t.” So many things to discuss. The immortal sorceresses had paid so much attention to Kaoru and Ranma she was surprised to be surprised by either of them.


Ho-ot stood in his room at the temple his hand out as the energy the constructs were collecting gathered. There was no way they would gather enough to free their lord in one night, but this was a promising start.


Ranma entered the store first. Lina had said the monsters were construct and that there were two of them. He couldn’t sense them, but neither could Kaoru. Akane may have been powered up by Lina, but she just was not the best option to take point. The store was lit up and on the shelves were dolls of various magical girls. He recognized the Magic Knights, Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, and even Magical Girl Lulu. Why was Magical Girl Lulu included she was a gag character from Rune Solider. While he was too focused on Lulu, a Mysytery Knight Keiko attacked her. She took down the doll easily and was greatly annoyed. How dare they make an unlicensed Keiko doll!

Several other dolls jumped off the shelf at her. She wasn’t surprised buy this tactic. It was common in Sailor Moon, but where were the puppeteers. Taking down the other dolls he got a sense of danger aproaching. Was it a construct. She quickly turned around and caught the kick. The construct jumped back and had an evil smirk. She looked exactly like an adult Sailor Mercury.

“The master knew there would be hunters, but we did not expect true magical girls.” Mer wondered if she underestimated her opponent. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon were the weakest of the Senshi. She and her sister were given these forms so that they be underestimated themselves.

“Yeah well I wasn’t expecting a knockoff of Mystery Knight Keiko to be present among all these magical girls. She’s not even a magical girl she just a knight.” Now that she had made contact with the enemy she could sense her. “Shabon Spray”

This attack. What was the point? Her back up wasn’t coming. Mon will take care of the two outside easily. Maybe she couldn’t see the magical girl, but could she see her? “You’re a … how?”

The fog faded and Ranma saw a pile of dust where the construct had been. Lina was right the Moko Takabisha was surprisingly effective against it. He was kind of curious why though. Wasn’t it the kind of energy they were collecting?

-v-v-v-v-v-At the same time Ranma was fighting Mer-v-v-v-v-v-


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