Welcome to the blog of Queen Chrysalis~ What I talk about is random. Whether it's ponies or IRL stuff, It'll be posted here. I'll be posting at my leisure, so don't bother expecting daily bog posts.
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  1. I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving! I know I will. I'll be at a friend's house later today to attend Thanksgiving dinner. It'll be a nice little friend get together and we will have a happy little cat that'll be probably be begging us for food while me and my two friends are over there. I'll be spending a lot of time over there so I may not be back till close to midnight. That depends on how long the visit lasts.

    I also got plenty of food from both the Food Pantry and the community room today. So I'm stocked to the brim for the rest of the month, into next month. This is good since I don't have hardly any money at the moment till my SSI refills next month. So yeah.

    Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving, Everypony!
  2. I would like to mention how things have been going with me. I've been pretty good. And with October over, I have plenty of groceries in my place now. My mindset is mostly on thanksgiving though I'm not really sure what to do for it personally. I may just make a Baked Turkey, or just make something less substantial. Either way, I'll probably be around my apartment, if not with family. Here's hoping we don't have a Fire Alarm musical from some idiot burning their *squee!* on a daily basis.

    As for 0nline wise, I'll probably be more active with the more busier part of this month pretty much over with. I will be probably be posting as much as I can, if I don't do too much lurking. If I lurk, it's because I am distracted with other things, or there isn't much going on that I'm interested in posting in.

    As of the past few days, November has become my down time month officially. This is due to my trip to Mid-West Furfest being canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. It's alright, I'll be attending Califur this coming up year anyway. So yeah, that is what's up with me right now.

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Everypony!
  3. I'm starting to get freaked out. I don't know if it's my paranoia, but I just don't feel safe being online here anymore. I don't know if there were reasons for it, but Toaster Repair Pony, Bravesheild, and Prince of the Night are all banned seemingly out of nowhere. What's going on that ponies are being banned left and right? It just makes me worry that one slip up will make me insta-banned arbitrarily. I maybe over thinking it, but my paranoia is getting the best of me right now...
  4. I'm giving up on the Sonic Fan base. I'm renouncing my fandom to Sonic. I'll still pay the games, but I'm not paying attention to the fanbase anymore. It's all little kids now that say new gen Sonic "is the best thing ever!". To that I say bull*squee!*. The best New Gen Sonic games of the early 2000's are Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2. Anything beyond that has been relatively mediocre at best. Sonic 06 was where it went down hill and just plummeted after that point. If I wanna be a fan of even a small part of the Sonic series, it would be the old Genesis games of Sonic that I grew up with. Those were the golden age of Sonic before they sold out to Nintendo.

    I know some people are going to have opinions about the old games, saying that they are not as good as older generations play them off as. But back when the Genesis was a big thing, those Sonic games were amazing. There was nothing like them. Sonic's major competition was Mario and everything was grand. Sure there were the Sega vs Nintendo wars, but those were simpler times.

    In anycase, this is my opinion on the matter. I just wanted to get this off my chest since it has been kinda bothering me. Sorry if I got all 'back in my day', but I guess my 90's are showing. God, do I feel old.
  5. Hey everypony! It's been a while since I've been active for more than a few minutes lately, huh? Well I've been busy with Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. I'll try to be active on here more often this month but no promises. I am looking forward to Halloween. Though what I do not look forward to during Halloween is the University Riots. An unfortunate tradition of my home town/city. That is why I'll be inside for Halloween. I'll be eating a lot of candy and maybe I'll make some Pudding Pies~

    In anycase, I hope everyone will have a fun and safe Halloween/Nightmare Night!

    -Your favorite Queen of Changelings, Chrysalis~
  6. [​IMG]
    Hail to the Queen, baby!
    I came across this on e621 today while doing my daily checks for Queen Chrysalis content. This is by far one of the coolest things to come out of ponies gifs in a long ass time. This right here is what keeps my faith in the fandom going. So I declare another year to ponies and to my favorite villain of all time. For Chrysalis I shall always follow and have faith in~

    Non-Animated Still: https://static1.e621.net/data/51/40/5140752c43687ad64120d97d5e4af1d6.jpg

    Animated Gif: https://static1.e621.net/data/1d/be/1dbe16fc654fc79a40cfef73b0af2ddb.gif
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  7. [​IMG]

    (Disclaimer: This is a Satire. This has no bearing on any canon!)
    Today in Ponyville News, it seem a local artist, named Derpy Hooves, has reported being abused by her client. She looked confused and rather... perplexed about the situation. The poor mare has no idea what the cause was and commented with "I don't know what went wrong."
  8. Disclaimer: This a satire. This isn't a shipping... unless your into Chrysi x Celestia, then fair enough.


    You know that awkward moment when you wake up from a hang over? It's not pleasant, especially when you find out that you've been with someone. Chrysalis knows this pain and woke up this morning with Celestia resting on her. It was reported that Chrysalis got extremely drunk off a local popular liquor because of her crippling loneliness. She got together with Celestia whom got done with a Royal Party and was also rather drunk. She invited Celestia to her hive and this was the end result.

    Drink Responsibly Fillies and Gentalcolts~
  9. David Draiman recently made a opinion based rebuttal to Gene Simmon's came to rock being "dead". Gene's mention of this happened in September of last year. Draimen explained that as long as a band has a desire to continue what they do best and enjoy doing it, then there is no reason not to. He made a strong impression that Rock is far from "dead". In fact, I agree. While a lot of music isn't all that great now a days, Rock still rolls strong. With Disturded returning to the ring once more, this is more than true that Rock is not dead.
  10. My day ended up being pretty bad today. It started off with me and my friend mat being unable to get the new Disturbed album at all. All the typical stores we go to, Best Buy and Wal-Mart, just didn't have it. With Wal-Mart, they said they would have it tomorrow. I personally think that they didn't bring it in today, just so they can have the albums edited and censored up the ass.

    The other thing that happened today is that we wanted to go to this golf club in the area to have fun at the driving range. It was 3.5 miles from where we lived and we called a cab. It turns out we got a super *squee!*y woman who made us pay 17 dollars even though the trip's typical cost is 12 dollars. Her excuse is that it was in a different town, even though it wasn't. She just didn't know where it was and then proceeded to blame my friend mat for not knowing where it is. Long story short, we are not using that taxi service again.

    We did have fun on the driving range at least though due to that *squee!* driving the taxi, we were short on money to go home. We ended up walking the 3.5 miles back. We hit up a few stores along the way to get water to keep us hydrated. We also went to a Subway and a Burger King for food since we were really hungry. My friend mat payed for Subway and I got Burger King myself. I know, I know. Having Burger King just after having Subway isn't a healthy way to go, but we were *squee!*ing super hungry.

    I'm now home and resting. I went ahead and took a shower to get the grime of the day off. Man am I bushed. I'll sure be sleeping well tonight after today's ordeal.
  11. I know I already made a post on it but I figure making a blog post too it amp it up.

    Just today, a friend of mine started up the DC and Marvel Satire New group. It's like The Onion, but with superheroes and Super villains of the DC/Marvel universes. Come on over and join the fun. Make funny satires about your fave superheroes and villains. Also, don't forget to like and share!

    To Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/995075783877272/

    To thread on this Forum: http://www.everypony.com/threads/the-dc-and-marvel-satire-news.18104/#post-699778
  12. I know it's kinda useless to be making constant updates for this issue but my 'friend' is FINALLY returning tomorrow and the reckoning will begin. I'm letting him have it and I have backup incase things get violent. But I will finally get to have a chance to my true feelings about what he has been doing for the past few months. His unacceptable behavior will be dealt with. The stress has me on edge with his arrival creeping ever closer. With him arriving in a little less than 24 hours.

    Wish me luck everyone. It'll go one of three ways.

    The best thing happens: He understands and we work out a reasonable deal.

    The childish thing happens: He decides to move out early and renounces our friendship entirely.

    The worst possible thing (No Rarity jokes intended) happens: He attacks me and I have my backup/witness deal with him while I get away and call the police.

  13. This one has had me in a tizzy since the comments for the song Fire It Up have been following in. I am starting to hate some of my fellow fans for being so closed minded. I've been skimming through and seeing a lot of hate for the song merely for the fact that the song was referencing the use of weed. I will admit the tone shift was a bit of a brick wall to the face but it was far from a horrible song, but so many others are ready to dismiss the song as horrible without hearing the full album first.

    I am at a loss to what to even do or say. I suppose the changing views of the current society can be the blame for this but I'm sorry, a song is not automatically bad just for having a weed reference. A opinion like that is childish, though I cannot stop anyone from saying that. It's my own opinion of course. Though I know for a fact that a few I've talked to about it on here would agree that this *squee!* is asinine and childish.

    I'm not one to get too worked up over a few Youtube comments too often unless they were directed at me directly at me, but this was making my blood boil. It still is. I personally have lost a lot of faith in humanity if they are going to overreact at a song like this. Though I guess it is to be expected since practically almost everyone in the USA are brainwashed idiots that'll believe anything the government says.
  14. Depressed Chrysalis.jpg

    It's as the title says. Though I suppose I should explain. For most of this new month, I've been stressed to hell because of a up coming talk with a friend of mine. I'm putting my foot down after all he has been doing. To put it in short, he has been freeloading off my place, he has been mooching off my money lately, Mooching off my food, On his console all day, Raging at said games, Complaining about the stupidest stuff, and whining about no places of business in the area will hire him since they always seem to go in favor of the less experienced. That's a good chunk of it to put it in perspective.

    Oh, I nearly forgot. He has been also bagging on my good friend who is not very stable money wise atm. IDK why, my friend is doing that. He just rattles off all these issues he has with my good friend to me whenever we are away from my good friend. Some of it is issues that can be fixed, other things are just petty grievances.

    I've been so stressed that my sleep schedule is nearly not existent. If I do get sleep, it's usually during the afternoons. If I was unhappy or angry before sleeping, I'll sometimes wake up depressed later on. I've been battling my fatigue and emotions for the past few days and it's been a living hell. The anger is driving me to insanity just about.

    Thankfully, my friend will be returning the 6th. So I can resolve those situation then, though the convo will not be very peaceful for long. I can just tell. With my friends erratic behavior lately before he left on his vacation, I can tell that I'm going to be provoking the bull, in a matter of speaking.