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  1. Hello folks! My name is Edwardo Heartfelt Furret or at least, that's what you can call me.
    As you could probably tell, I disappeared for ages, regardless of the fact, that I just joined the website.

    There are reasons for this and as they're not really not personal to me, So I feel like I should be honest.

    Recently, I was preparing for the Halloween break at my school, I have a tendency to take up as many roles as I possibly can during school projects and events and their was a lot of events leading up to Halloween, so I had a lot of work to do especially if you consider I also do 8 Higher Level subjects in school and have heavy loads of Homework, I didn't truly get much time to rest during this time and the time I did get was very small, so I had to choose what I wanted to do and what I didn't. In the end, Everypony didn't take priority other things did like Video Games and Art.

    Once Halloween break was on, I had to study for 8 Semi- MOCK tests as one of my Teachers called them as a joke, these were all in my Higher Level Subjects. This meant my Halloween break was spent studying, Yet again, I didn't have much leisure time and yet again, Everypony was not the priority during the time I had.

    Now, that I've taken my test and had my results given, life shall return to normal and I should have more free time. With this Extra free time, I've decided to chat about things on the Internet; How Riveting! And as such, Everypony has now become apart of my life again. I hope this explains my Absence and I plan to be as active as possible from now on.

    Love ya!
    Edwardo Heartfelt Furret.