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  1. Well my name is LunarSkies (I'd hope this much was figured out by now :p)

    I'm this weird guy (kid at the time) who showed up to EP in 2014, and made it my task to try to keep the place active and went out of my way to be helpful in hopes of becoming staff. At the time I was mostly active in the AJAX chat, and for a decent chunk of time I actually was a DJ for Everypony Radio.

    I had started a group which later got the current name of Ponylab @Mister Asmodeus was one of the first grabbers, and now has adopted the chat completely. That managed to launch off pretty fast, giving people another place to talk about things pony related (A lot of the time EP related). Well, something many of you possibly were around for: once we upgraded from vBulliten, we lost the AJAX chat, which cycled through a few things, during that time Ponylab managed to grow pretty large, and we became early adopters of Discord.

    I later went on from that to become tech staff AKA a theme maker. Not too long after I dropped off of the grid. Didn't give a real reason why, and still won't to avoid stirring up (or well what I was really hoping was) dead drama. Well it's now almost been three years from then.

    "Well what provoked you to come back if the issues you were having are still here?"
    Why do we go to work everyday if we don't like it? That's right money! (not really)
    I decided to come back to fulfill the original reason of to why I even came here in the first place, to try to help add more activity in the site, and to try to provoke people to come to the site, maybe even talk to owners of some places I have pull in for advertising.

    Why am I posting this? I have no idea. Just wanted to kind of get out there what I have done and some future plans on what I'd like to do.
  2. (this is posted in the forums, so it is less likely to get lost) okay, so i had an idea, since S5 has started up, I was thinking of start a podcast, about mlp, the show, future predictions, the fandom, etc. etc.. so, to the point, i have all the things to record it, and upload it, but for me to actually do this, and not make it another analyzing of the show by myself, though i would suggest having a good mic, semi-decent internet (enough to run a skype call somewhat smoothly) if you would enjoy to join, PM me.
  3. so i was planning on ordering an Octavia vinyl figure on amazon its shipped by funko but ive noticed some bad reviews... so if anypony here has ever gotten a funko figure through amazon here tell me what you think