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  1. I got banned from r/twoxchromosomes for saying something was wrong, a proved a mod wrong and got banned. And i am not trolling at all. r/FemmeThoughts is a much more appropriate female subreddit. It has a better look and members talk about things other than abortion.
  2. Umm helllo
  3. Ok everypony, we have rights to state what we hate and like,- I'd better shut up and continue. It's a great episode, it has 2 songs, it has a rarity who is the main pony, rarity is a combination of applejack twilight, and fluttershy in that one. YES: she charmed the mail-pony into making her...
  4. So no one has posted since Nov.15 eh? I am just making this post to fill up the blog and inspire you to make your own, and if you don't i just will add my posts and become queen of EP blogging!:blink: