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  1. I think the reason why I don't feel comfortable trying to get dates IRL it's because I don't want to wind up with ,lack of a better word, a normie. Internet is my life; I want to be with someone who gets it.
    I mean I do have a life outside of it. I understand the differences and the fundamentals of a IRL interaction, it's just that I'm afraid of what they think of the interest I have that extend online.
    You know like brony stuff, internet memes that I consume, and a few political stuff.

    I'm just imagining how someone would react if they found out I was a brony and had no idea what it was. Or see the people I talk to. Or see the content I make.
    Then I would have to explain and go through maybe a little ridicule. And even after all that she still would not get it because they haven't been seeing Bronies or don't get the ironic humor on the internet because she doesn't use it like that.

    I guess that goes for a lot of things really.
    someone who makes their living playing video games.
    Someone who talked about political views.
    Someone who makes their living talking about cartoons.
    All of those may get some kind of judging eye from someone who don't get the internet and that can really hurt if the person that's judging you is someone you want to spend your romantic life with.

    I'm not saying that I only want a online relationship. I'm just saying that I want someone who understands the internet as much as I do. And the best place to find people who know the internet on the internet.

    I don't know, am I just being a whiny basement-dwelling internet weeb?
  2. for some odd reason, I'm afraid (or at least don't like) to get paid for my art. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the responsibility. I don't know why, but for some reason I feel more comfortable if I just give out drawings as gifts.

    and to make things worse I usually promise gifts and never finish them. maybe that's the reason why I don't want to get paid for my drawings, because I know I would be disappointing a lot of customers.
    I don't know. I mean I can do a lot of drawings in reasonable time.
    I do sometimes feel I should be getting paid for the work I do, but that's not why I do it. I just like making people happy with my art. The thing is there is a opportunity of actually gaining more from it. I don't know what I'm talking about anymore , I guess that's the end of my rant?
  3. I've been subconsciously getting weird words in my dreams what dates attached to them.

    Red day :January 29th
    The Blue rat : January 31st through February 6th
    Yellow : February 18th
    Rudy : February 24th and 25th
    Green : February 26th
    Matx time : March 12th

    it's really weird because even though they seem random some of them correspond to actual events places and things. Can someone please tell me what's going on.
  4. I grabbed the nut off the table and then grab the nutcrackers. I put the nut in between the nutcrackers and squeezed. Then I squeezed a little harder and then a little harder. I realized it was not breaking then I thought to myself "either the nut is too determined not to break or I'm not determined enough to break it". And by the time I put the nut down, I realize that I already gave up. Then I thought again, "did I give up to spare the nut for its efforts or did I give up to spare myself from the humility of not breaking the nut on the first try". Then I thought again, "the fact that I'm even thinking about this means I've already lost, the fact that I did not try again". for those reasons I realized my lack of confidence. And as I'm writing this I thought of the proverb "if at first you don't succeed try, try again". And you know what, I am going to try to crack that not again but I'm not going to eat the nut. I'm going to crack it because I can - because I want to know I have the confidence to try again.
  5. Oh geez, it feels like nothing ever changes and time just freeze and it's all the same thing-- all until you blink, then it feels like everything changed. Maybe everything is always changing and it's just missing that split-second is it enough to notice that big difference between now and then.
  6. I don't normally use this website but when I do I use it to talk about serious discussions to other bronies. I also really enjoyed the community here. The forms, the blogs, and the radio--they're all really easy to use. I like talking, hearing , and sharing the opinions to the members here. I'm not even sure how many members are actually active on the site. Maybe I should use it more.
  7. fan-fiction - something I wanted to do but never got around doing it. But it's not just fan-fiction that's a problem ,it's writting in general. I a always have trouble getting my idea in written form. I think fan-fiction may be some good practice.
    But I'm having trouble tring to decide what to write. So I'll let you guys and gals decide.
    • Twilight have to stop three warlocks from fusing a reality of a sorrowful fate with her own all while being trapped between dimensions
    • a Rainbow Dash/Cheerilee ship-fic
    • MLP Gen 5: stars a pony named Dusk; Rubybelle is the new pinkiepie; pinkie
    is in this but she's more like a mother; Cocono is con artist; Buck is the strong-silence one
    they have to find the rainbow shards; the evil dude is deer wizard. steampunkish world ;
    spikes in this.
  8. I'm afraid to use forums because I'm too shy. I'm afraid to bother anyone and I feel that I can't talk to anyone because I don't know you enough. It's weird because I'm the opposite offline - I'm a lot more out going. But for some odd reason I prefer others to approach me online. I'd joined these forums too interact with others bronies more but I'm too shy to speak to anyone. What do you guys think?​


    this is something I've been wondering for a bit.

    ​I might do more questions like this.
  10. :omg:The 21[SUP]st[/SUP] century has hit puberty!:trixieftw:

    Now in all seriousness. My new year resolution is to actually do the stuff I plan. I may just even use my youtube account. This year I plan to get things done and I'm going to start with serving art requests. I'm up for what ever it is! I'll try to get as many done as I can.

    I am also considering to on doing mlp reviews among other things. Probably only in written format until I fell comfortable speaking. Speaking of speaking, I might volunteer for voice acting for projects to get me in the speaking mood. I can do high and squeaky to low and gritty, Tough guy to mellow and shy, cute critter to weird alien, and everything in between. I hope you consider me.

    I'm planing on finishing drawings, comics, and even doing an RP Ask Blog. Check me out on DA( and Tumblr(

    Hope to See you Soon
  11. I've been trailing around the brony part of the Internet and I've coming across something a couple of times. so ... whats with this "down with molestia" thing going around. Is this some sorta new brony metaphor, is this about the tumblr,is it a meme, or....
  12. 'm soooo board :dunno::Boo:. Do any one no an good online games? especial group games were you play with others.
  13. I’ve been look for new ways to test my art abilities. I’ve tried things from paper to pad, from ponies to people, from loony to live, I been expanding my experience. I still trying test myself but I can’t seem to think of anything to draw so I need you help me out with requests.
    to see what I can draw already visit