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  1. I just wanted to notify my subscribers that my channel will no longer be MLP related, just music from now on. I got bored of it all and wanted to try another venture, and here's what I am doing for now:

    Whether you guys choose to leave or stay and support me, either way, its fine. I'm not looking to be famous as the site wasn't made for that purpose, I'm doing it because it's for fun, not for silly reasons as popularity or money.

    Wish me luck,

    Night Fury
  2. [​IMG]
    I spent the last 2 days working on this one, using a screenshot of the anime as a reference to draw it free- handed. What do you think i could improve about it?
  3. [​IMG]
    So in simple terms, I'm being made to do everything myself: Birds, dogs, bird seed clean up, etc. I'm not their maid or slave. Once my aunt and uncle get settled, I'll go live with them, not this hell I live in now. Once I'm with my aunt and uncle, Half brother and his GF will the get the grilling of a lifetime for what they've put me through.

  4. [​IMG]
    Spent three whole days on this on and off because of my special somepony wanting my attention most times. [​IMG] Hope you guys like it! [​IMG]
  5. Ya know, I've been harassed over what I liked, what I enjoyed. in high school, people made fun and bullied me tie and time again to the point I gave up and tore my drawings up to pieces and was ready to give up on life and the people in it... I had one friend, I trusted him to help support me, but you know what? he chose to join them....

    He mocked me, teased me, made me feel like *squee!* every single day of my life during school... my parents could see it. So they pulled me out and homeschooled me, but at night I'd feel every single urge to end my own life... I've almost done three times, but a guilty conscience stopped me.

    I felt so alone, even my family didn't even notice my depression I had developed. I was left to deal with my emotions.... I hated myself, those I trusted and people in school I held animosity for. people at school didn't help when they said, "Kill yourself, nobody wants someone like you."

    That was the cause of the second attempt to end my own existence, but mother came in and saw it and had to call the rest to keep me from doing it, I cursed them for it... telling them "what's the point of living when everyone around you hates you..?" But having found markipliers this channel, it has brought me more happiness than ever... Now I have friends who care and help me out when I feel weak and hopeless...

    To those affected... I hope you remember that life is worth living, it's not all bad. Just keep your head held high and keep telling yourself, "I won't let this beat me, I'm stronger than this. I won't let my own emotions control me.." it worked for me, maybe it will for you.

  6. So I changed the music to something more fitting, and chose some different images. I hope you guys like this.​
  7. [​IMG]
    I made this OC in the pony creator v3, I love gingerbread cookies, and Ginger here is a reference to those Ginger Snap cookies. The reason her ears are different is because she's a quarter bat pony. I'd appreciate any feedback from you guys on how i can improve on this.
  8. My first forum was MLPF, a good community at first glance, but the deeper you go, the more the community is exposed to abuse and toxic behavior. Not every forum is as good as they make it out to be, you'll have people constantly fighting, using toxic and abusive words against you. It's nothing new really, just the way people become when they hide behind a PC screen. there are so many people who have zero control of their mood swings like I do. But that doesn't make them abusive or toxic as other make it out to be. Their people with disabilities that make them act out in ways they never intend to.

    But what causes most issues are the conflict the staff sometimes creates for no reason. I'm not saying the members never contribute o the issues, just the fact that many mods don't get the idea that they can calmly assess the issue and try and remedy it. Instead, most go for the kill and not even acknowledge the use for bias reasons. I'm not sure which is even telling the truth as it's just hearsay from both sides.

    I've had my encounters with them which have been unpleasant due to their lack of understanding of the situation, what they failed to understand most times is the fact that 70% of members have social skill problems, which isn't their fault,, some have gone through abuse, some just become anti-social but then want to have friends. I couldn't figure out the do/don't's of socializing with others.

    I had mood swings which I had some control but not all the time, not everyone can tell the staff that they have social problems, as they are afraid to speak up. I think the staff has to step up to the plate and help those people come out of that shell and say what they need to without being harassed about their grammar being an issue. I myself couldn't defend myself when I got charged on many occasions and I felt one-sided and got slammed with warnings, an unfair trial most would call it.

    Plus it's not easy to fake having a disability, nor is it hard to see a false one. I have my disabilities which I can't speak properly to people and they take it as abusive and toxic when it's not meant to be. So when the plagiarism charges came up, I had no chance to really defend myself, in all honesty, it felt if you didn't have a good enough explanation, you were given your warning or ban and told they have no time for you. That's not only rude but misunderstanding ad unprofessionalism.

    What needs to be done, is read up on the symptoms of it and you can then see the fakes from the actual ones who have disabilities. Most will tell me, "Staff has no time to deal with it", yet they have enough time to deal out punishments which are contradictive to that statement.

    So my question is this; should people be allowed to just join the mods without a proper interview? Or just hire people who've never really had any experience when they say they have?

  9. So to start things off, here is what was said about my sona's color scheme: "Your choice of colors isn’t aesthetically pleasing at all."


    Since when has that ever mattered with sona's? :dunno: It's not an OC, so why say that about me? Your sona's colors shouldn't matter to anyone but the person who made it. If you want to insult someone, save it and say nothing at all if you're going to be that toxic.
  10. I don't know why I even bother trying to convince people that I'm just the same as they are. Every person I meet says the same thing, "Go kys"... I don't deserve that from someone who's too damn caught up in their religious beliefs to see that god accepts all of us regardless of sexuality. I just want what's best for me, or my kids if I have any. I don't want this world to be blind to the fact that any kid raised by same-sex couples is just the same as any other child.

    I'm friends with LGBT's, they have the same rights as others do, they shouldn't be condemned just because of their lifestyle choices. I don't care what your sexuality is, I see that person for who they are, not for what they've done. It's time this screwed up country accepts that fact and stops this whole "God hates LGBT's" or "You can't get married to the same sex". This isn't about us directly, it's about their own fear of something they don't want to understand. I've been denied service because of my sexuality...been give nothing but flak. It's time this country grows up and faces the truth, you're only hurting yourselves by denying us our rights as human beings.

    There's someone I love dear, but I will not name him. he loves me for who I am, not for what I did. We talk, share experiences, and even other things I will not say. I say screw the countries laws, I don't need to have a license to be together with my partner... As long as I'm with him, nothing else matters...

  11. Gunner is one of our newest additions to the family, also seems very energetic as seen in this video. I do play with him sometimes, but this was the only time he actually wanted to.

  12. This is the last vid i upload for today, expect more to come tomorrow.​

  13. The first character theme i wanted to do and hope you guys enjoy it.​