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  1. Hey, y'all! I'm not very happy right now!
    It's a blast!

    So we happen to have some absolutely fantastic drivers in Kansas. Wrecks everywhere, constant speeding tickets, jackasses who think they can fly or something. But what does all this lead to? Jerks getting in wrecks and then complaining that their car has been totalled while a possibly dead corpse is laying only yards from them!

    Being 16, I normally should be allowed to drive myself around without requirement of an adult in the car with me. Well... last year Kansas realized how dumb the average American 16 year old is and raised the age to 17.
    Okay, I have to spend another year driving with someone else in the car. Big deal?

    That's not what I'm angry about, what I'm angry about is that they're not paying attention to the adults that don't seem to realize they're driving incorrectly. I'm not even sure if most of them have actually passed a driving test.

    There is a road on the way to school that is just between county boundaries, so the police generally avoid that area for handing out tickets. The speed limit there is 40 MPH, but the average joe drives 50-55 on it. The stop light distribution along the road makes speeding basically pointless, but they do it anyways!

    But speeding isn't the only stupid thing that happens here, oh no. Just earlier today, I was driving back from school and I happened to look out my window at a red light. The lady in the car next to me was actually smoking a joint while driving.
    That sounds weird, right? IMAGINE SEEING IT!
    This lady was smoking weed while driving a car!

    I'm sure if you were to toss a random driving test at everyone here, only 30% of drivers would actually still be on the road.

    The moral of this story? Learn to drive, America. You're driving me up the wall.
  2. I'm sorry, but the day is only half over and already more has happened than in the last week.
    It's pretty hilarious.

    The day began slowly as always, but this morning I woke to some presents from my parents, sister, and (apparently) my dog. One of them was a bag of donuts that I didn't realize until recently I was supposed to eat for breakfast. Eh, that's not a healthy breakfast anyways.

    So first hour at school went normally, nothing worth mentioning happened. We're doing a special thing today (because it's <3's and /)'s day) where all the girls get heart necklaces. Any guys who get the girl to respond to them get the heart. If you have fifteen hearts by the end of the day, you get some kinda prize. I dunno, I think it's a cup. There were some people getting REALLY into this throughout the day. I saw some freshman screaming his head off at a girl to give him the stupid necklace, so I walked up to him and said "Hey, kid, you're a [redacted]," and kept walking. Turned around at the end of the hallway to see the girl walking along with her heart and the kid slumped over walking the other direction.

    Second hour was when the fun started. Over the intercom, we were given a message that the school was going into soft lockdown until further notice due to a string of burglaries somewhere in the southern part of town. Nobody thought anything of it, but a lot of the seniors were angry because they were no longer allowed to leave the school for lunch. Angry seniors are fun to watch. c:

    Lunch comes around and I had a bit of trouble with my friends. Most of them are girls (I only have one guy friend :I) and nearly none of them would talk to me because they still had their heart virginity. Took me around five minutes to assure them that I wanted nothing to do with the contest in the first place. A few pissed off seniors made their way to our table somehow and ranted about how angry they are. Lunch ended with me somehow being deemed the wimpiest person at the table after receiving multiple hugs and nearly crying about it.

    Around sixth hour an announcement was made proclaiming soft lockdown over. My class was right next to the community college attached to the school, and we could hear all of them begin simultaneously cheering. Those walls really need to be soundproofed.

    Seventh hour went without incident. Came home and ate a donut. Typed this. And this. And this. You get the point.

    I dunno, just thought I should share my funny day with y'all.

    -Sent from my Donut using Delicious.
  3. I've heard many people say that you adore your parents growing up, then you hit adolescence and hate their guts. Of course, you go back to wishing they were always nearby past that, and I'm sure that's true, but I've hit that point where I'm halfway from strangling someone.

    A few days ago, I managed to land myself a 69.5 on a particularly difficult test. 69.5, I would screencap it but I'm not allowed on the computer. Mr. Honorable Dictator of the House decided that was unacceptable and banned me from everything but me phone for the weekend and Martin Luther King day.

    Yes, I understand his motives. I could have done better on that test. I could have studied harder on it. I'm just appalled at the measures he went for punishment. I have a B in that class, which is totally fine by me, but he doesn't seem to realize that there are 1000+ points in a semester of school. I could end it with a 99% and he wouldn't give a damn.

    Oh, my child did less than satisfactory in school? Wipe his planning list and cut off all social interaction for 3 days!

    I've never been sure where his logic comes from...

    And my schedule! That's another thing!

    I had multiple things planned out for this weekend, from the RP session tomorrow (I'll still make it, I'll make something work) to watching tomorrow's episode with a group of friends, and finishing with a TF2 session with Ozzy Furocity on sunday. He constantly tells me to respect his plans to use our basement sauna, playing solitair, etc. but he never cares what I'm doing! If I could just attend those three events, I would be completely compliant with my punishment.

    Thank you for dealing with my rage.

    Tl;Dr - I have been booted from the computer for less-than-needed reasons and am fuming.
  4. A while back, I announced that our band was going to be playing Never Gonna Give You Up, while announcing it as the theme from Rawhide.

    Look, there it is! It made everyone sad that nearly NOBODY in the crowd understood what was happening. Heck, I bet a bunch of them thought Rick Astly WAS the theme from Rawhide. :sigh:

    Before you listen to it: we sound worse than we actually are because the sound quality on this video is TERRIBAD! Also, when we start wiggling around and stop playing, we're actually singing the lyrics, but we got yelled at afterwords for not singing loudly enough.


    And for those of you who are wondering the other songs, it's Papa Was a Rollin' Stone and Rolling in the Deep. The theme this year is 'Rolling'.

    School is starting soon (or already has for some of you), and this year, my band director seems to have discovered the internet. The band marches at each halftime for the football team, and we play different songs every year (I mean, who would want the same old song and dance every year?). The theme for this year is rolling, so we're playing Rolling in the Deep, Papa was a Rolling Stone, Proud Mary, and (you guessed it) Never Gonna Give You Up. I'm not really sure if my director actually REALIZES that this is trolling the entire crowd and football team. We're going to be announced as playing a different song, but then we're going to just Rick Roll everyone. I know for a fact, I am going to LOVE this year's football season!

    If someone films it when we finally perform it (a couple months from now), I'll upload it to youtube ::S:
  6. Taking a break from the dreams to bring you guys something a bit more important.

    My parents keep going on about how I shouldn't give out personal information online, don't interact with strangers, yadda yadda. They're totally technologically oblivious, too (between "one does not simply pause online games" and "come help me, my DVD player won't work!"). My sister keeps pointing out to me (and making fun of me for it) about being on this site, and my mother recently took an interest in it. She came over around ten minutes ago and asked what I was doing.

    So, what are you doing?
    "Uhh, forums?"
    What's that?
    "A place where people can discuss topics."
    And what were you doing?
    "Discussing animation errors of cartoons..."
    You're not giving out any information?
    "Mom, we've had this discussions a million times over!"
    *She gives me a look*
    Don't do anything you're not supposed to!
    *I return her look and she leaves*

    I lied about what I was discussing because I was roleplaying and, let's face it, that would make explaining the "discuss topics" a little harder. That's not the point, though. I'm getting sick of being reminded that the world is out to rape me roughly once every week!
  7. Wow, I haven't been remembering my dreams much, now have I?
    Actually, that's a lie, the last two I didn't post because I don't remember enough of the first one and the second one...let's just say I don't feel comfortable posting that on here.
    One more thing before I begin: I believe this dream was based on Game of Thrones since we were discussing how to have gotten the Lannisters out of the war to begin with. Don't ask why, we just were.

    I was sitting at a small rectangle table with six chairs; two on the long sides and one on the short sides. I'm on a long side with my sister to my left, Lord Tywin sits on the short end to my right, in front of me is some knight I've never seen before, the chair next to him is empty, and the other short side is occupied by another knight I've never seen before (although he strikes a strong resemblance to Tyrion Lannister, perhaps he's a non-dwarfed version of him). The pseudo-Tyrion is talking about what we should do to find a way out of the war in the first place using some kind of magic time travel.
    "Okay, so what ideas have you come up with?" He asked. The man in front of me took no time delaying. "We could assassinate Robb and Ned Stark before they can do anything to harm us." Lord Tywin instantly objects to this and says "Idiot, that would only make them want to war us even more." They throw nasty looks at each other, and Tywin continues with, "I believe it would be in our favor to stay in the war anyways and make sure Renly isn't assassinated this time. If he and Stannis were to fight it out properly this time, we wouldn't have so many issues with the fighting!" Nobody objected or said anything. They just all stared at Lord Tywin. It was my turn to throw in my twelve cents. "Well, I have nothing, so...I turn myself into a wizard and use magic to prevent anyone from wanting to fight in the first place." Pseudo-Tyrion throws gets out of his chair. "Magical wizard? Stop the fighting? Are you some kind of idiot!?" I shrugged and he sat down. Everyone looked towards my sister, who said "I, too, have nothing, but this time I won't give out any stupid ideas, so pass me." I threw her a mean look and she stuck her tongue out at me. Pseudo-Tyrion sighed and said "How about this: We back off to begin with and let everyone else kill each other?" I objected with "Do you want the Lannisters to look craven? That's about as half-assed as my idea was! They'd attack anyways!" Exasperated, I get up and head to the door of the small room which is conveniently on the wall near me. I open the door...

    [size=+2]~ANALYZATION~[/size] ​

    Really, all I can find in this that was wrong was the fact that I was talking to characters from Game of Thrones. Everything else was normal. Nothing paranormal happened, nobody teleported, everyone acted like themselves, it was definately an interesting thing to dream about. I hope I have more like this, they ARE kind of enlightening after all.
  8. A note before we begin: I had this dream around 5 hours ago, so some memories are blurred and faces are obscured (but I still know the words to this song lol). I'll relay it to the best of my memory. The first half of the dream is blank.

    STORY SO FAR: I was on a cruise ship to Alaska and we had just stopped in a town in Alaska for a rest to find that the world was plunged into zombie apocalypse. My dad was in Topeka, Kansas, and was totally safe drom everything. We, however, had been separated from the rest of the ship passengers and had to fend for ourselves with bats and sticks. This part takes place in an empty subway, sorta looking like the one from HL2.

    "Oi! Over here!" My sister yelled ad she pointed off into a hallway. My mother ran up with her and we went into another section on the station. All the lights were on, but some stuff was broken. I smelled sulfur (rotten eggs) somewhere nearby for some odd reason. Yelling came from ahead as my sister smacked a zombie that had come at her with her bat. Suddenly, the beasts were EVERYWHERE! I was fighting for my life with my stick, bit most of them went down pretty quickly. I glanced over to see my mom push a zombie off her before another appeared behind her. Before I could yell, it bit her in the arm. I ran up and wrenched it off, throwing it on the floor. Looking back up at my mom, she had a blank, neutral stare going on. Her pupils had dialated to the point of where her entire eyes looked black. I looked her in the face and said "Mom..." I tried to think of some epic epitaph to recite, but nothing came to mind. My sister was yelling "Let's go, Let's go!" On the other side of the corridor. Finishing my statement, I said "I love you," and I clobbered her on the side of the head with my stick. She went down like a rock. During all this, I was totally calm. Not crying or freaking out or anything. I turned and ran towards my sister where we ran into a new room.

    I'm keeping away from zombie movies for the next few days. Although, as horrible as it sounded, this dream was not a nightmare. I was totally fine with the entire thing, even with slaughtering my own mother with a STICK! It's time for clues!

    -My dad was in Topeka. What's up with that?
    -Zombies. Just...zombies.
    -I was totally calm
    -My family was totally calm
    -I killed my mother without hesitation
    -We got seperated from the others by no reason whatsoever
  9. I don't remember my dreams again. Oh well. This will be my last post for a while, so y'all can discuss the 2/4 dreams I actually had.

    Peace, everypony!
  10. Not a single hint of what I dreamed about remains in my mind. Oh well, I'll just have to try again tomorrow.

    Note: Tomorrow will be my last post until my vacation in Alaska is over, so don't expect anything else for the next two weeks.
  11. I'm standing on a catwalk of what looks to be a theater. Down below me, a ton of people are already getting set up for a play that I don't recognize. The set was pretty much just a ton of boxes strewn everywhere and a lamp that was on (even though I don't recall seeing a cord connecting to any power sources). Even though the play was still being set up, the theater was filled to bursting with people. They sat in the seats, in the alleys between the seats, and even in the sound booth. I was just staring down at them watching them do all this when Miss Tucker (the drama/speech teacher at my school) walked out and shouted "HEY! GET DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW!" Frightened, I jumped through a light-hole rather than taking the stairs and landed perfectly right in front of her. She totally forgot that I was up there and that I had jumped and walked off into the crowd, disappearing. Some dude with holding a rock the size of someone's head bumped into me and just sorta placed it on the floor where I had previously been standing. I walked behind the curtain to see a ton of people in the back room just talking. I shouted "Hey, do you understand we have work to do? Get the [censored] out there already!" only one of them acknowledged me, and she turned and ran out the door that lead outside. I went up to one of the people (who was holding a glass with nothing in it) and grabbed him by the shirt. Once I had him, I dragged him onto the stage, which was now completely blank, no boxes or set or anything. I shoved him into the spotlight that was in the middle of the stage and stood in the back where nobody could see me. He just sorta stood there in the stereotypical "I'm nervous and can't do anything" stance. I turned and opened a fridge that had somehow spawned next to be and pulled out a ginger ale soda which I opened.

    This one was a bit odd because I felt like things kept teleporting around. Perhaps I should look for teleporting objects/people in the future? I didn't find this one as disturbing as the last dream I had, but I would say it's a bit more far-fetched.

    Dream cues:
    -The lamp wasn't plugged into anything
    -People sat EVERYWHERE in the audience area
    -The set was still being built
    -I was in the catwalk (Miss Tucker would have my head if I ever went in the catwalk at my school)
    -I jumped from the catwalk without injury or consiquence
    -Miss Tucker disappeared into the audience
    -Everything disappeared when I dragged the guy on stage
    -A fridge teleported to me

    I'll throw this dream into the "school" category, since the auditorium was the one at my school's and Miss Tucker was there.
  12. I'm in a large room, the cieling is really high and the room seems too big to be a part of anything, but it looks like it would fit being built in a hotel or something. There's a ton of people in the room with me, all conversing in pairs of two. Some are holding little plastic cups with water in them. I look around a moment then walk up to a group.
    "Hello! Would you like a tart?"
    Out of nowhere, I whip out a little apple tart and shove it in his mouth. The thing makes a squishy noise and blood oozes out of it, rather than apple filling. Pleased with myself, I turned and walked towards a table that had a water dispenser (those round orange things people use for sports) and began filling a cup. I nearly drank from the cup, but then I saw two love wasps squirming in the water. Disgusted, I dumped it and was about to fill it when I saw a wasp floating near my hand. I backed up and someone screamed.
    "IT STUNG ME!" they shouted. I turned to see some guy I'll never identify clutching his hand, of which one of his fingers had grown to an incredible bulbous size. The room was COVERED with wasps, and the two of us seemed the only two phased by it. Everyone was laughing at the guy who got stung. I turned towards the door-

    What have I been smoking, you ask? My answer is 'Wasps in Water.' Honestly, the wasps don't seem to freak me out so much as the bloody apple tart I shoved in someone's mouth. That was just...odd. I think I'll take a look at cues for dreaming in this one:
    -The room was HUGE
    -Everyone stood in twos
    -I had a random tart out of nowhere
    -The tart exploded in blood. Blood!
    -Wasps suddenly filled the room
    -The unlucky patron who had his hand stung was left with a hand 3X bigger than it should have been

    I don't know exactly what to think of this dream, so I'll leave it in the '???' category.
  13. I feel like trying out this blog thing! So, in my recent quest to invoke a lucid dream AND remember it, I've heard a good idea would be to keep a dream journal to analyze what your dreams generally look like and pick out when you are dreaming or awake. I have this little paper next to my bed I use as a journal, but I don't like it much. I've decided that I'll post my dreams on here so y'all can analyze them for- I mean with me.

    I'm off to bed right now, so we'll see what crazy images my mind cooks up in the morning!