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  1. So after finishing FFX, i decided to give IX another run as well. I'm currently going through Fossil Roo... *shudders*. For those of you who don't remember what i'm talking about, maybe this will ring a bell:


    I'm currently considering wether or not i should let my characters consume Quina for nourishment to get through this place... S/he's not relevant to the plot and her body mass would last them days.
  2. Remember her?


    You know, it doesn't bother me at all that she stole Leia's slave outfit. It doesn't bother me that she regenerates three times, almost doubling her HP every time and adopts a shiny new strategy every time. I don't care that she's turning my entire party into zombies every other turn making it damn near impossible to get some healing in, and i don't care that she's immune to every single status effect that makes this game a strategic gem in the first place. I don't even care that i've fought her 4 times and i still can't win. I'll just grind some more until i do.

    But why... Why can't i save AFTER the damn cutscene that takes forever to end? <_<
  3. [video=youtube;y6-7SDAGctg];list=PL-r1a4Mhgtx8EGK1mYcJrqegTjYMm-yiQ[/video]

    That is all.
  4. So yeah, that not-so-old-yet MMO that seems to be getting alot of good reviews compared to it's failure counterpart simply known as FFXIV. I decided to buy it yesterday, seeing as i get a free month of gametime with it anyway.

    One thing you should know about me is that i'm a major WoW player, so what happens when i start playing a completely different MMO?


    I find a game that is too darn complex for "noob" players to comprehend... You get thrown into a major city with a giant map and a bunch of map icons of which you don't know the meaning, and aside from the not-really-that-helpful tutorial quests that only help you get to know the things that a toddler with half a brain could figure out on his own, you get thrown into the world with no sense of direction. And then there are the hundreds of tooltips that pop up every half second that you're expected to just memorize i guess? They only use those for the major gameplay elements anyway, it's not like you really need to know that stuff, right? :v

    Aside from the absolutely stunning graphics, what do people like so much about this game that helps them get through the (i'm not kidding here) ONE HOUR of character creation (which makes Skyrim look like it doesn't have enough options) and introductions and tutorials and boring plot exposition before you actually get to pull your sword on some squirrels who somehow have money and sometimes swords and shields?
  5. [​IMG]

    So some of you may have caught a post i made a few days ago about Infamous Second Son. At the time i only played it for a few hours. Now that i've finished the game on both sides of the karmic spectrum, i've decided to properly review the game. I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free as i can, but ye be warned. :p

    Considering the relatively small amount of time between my first hour of gametime and this review, you can already tell one thing. The story is short, like really short. It's only as long as Infamous 2 at best, perhaps even shorter. The story can be easily finished in 10 hours or less, if that's all you focus on. However, there are alot of side-activities for you to complete. 6/10

    You could say they're mind-boggingly amazing, but the same goes for almost any PS4 game. Still, ISS takes it to a whole new level and really shows off what a PS4 is capable of. 10/10

    If you're used to the gameplay of InF 1&2, be ready for a surprise. ISS completely renewed and improved the old controls. They'll feel familiar enough not to alienate long-time fans, but once you get used to the new controls, you won't want the old ones back. For example, no longer do you have to hold 2 buttons at once to fire a simple attack (though it's still a useful option). The game's menu system is confusing at first, but easy enough to get the hang of. 8/10

    Delsin's arsenal of powers completely overshadows those of Cole. Cole had lightning, big whoop. Delsin will start out with Smoke, and soon expands his powers to manipulate Neon as well. Eventually he'll also learn "Video" which reminds me of Tron a little. They're quite literally videogame powers. Last but not least, Delsin will gain the totally over-powered Concrete power during the game's final boss fight, and you'll be able to enjoy and upgrade said power post-game. Switching between powers is done by draining one of the other power sources scattered across the city, so you can't just switch them whenever desired. Delsin lacks the melee finishers Cole had though, but you'll find that Delsin doesn't need them. Delsin's powers, and the way you're urged to use them will also change greatly depending on his karmic influence. 9/10

    The game offers a proper challenge on any of the difficulty settings, though sometimes your enemies will be using cheap tactics which may force you to lower the difficulty a bit. You'll need to take a more careful and strategic approach to a situation in ISS as opposed to just jumping in the middle of things like you could in the prequels.7/10

    So based on that, my final conclusion for Infamous Second Son is...


    Got a PS4? Go get this game already! :D
  6. So i was just walking around my local gamestore looking for something that would alleviate my recent boredom a little bit. I couldn't find anything that i really liked, except for one thing that in recent months has been very appealing to me. Some of you may have read a recent comment i made in one of Fulcrum's blogs about World of Warcraft, and how it easily becomes addicting to me (and others). Now, i haven't gone to any truly horrendous extents to play the game in the past, but last time i got enthralled by it, it caused me to leave EPR for several months. The problem is, i bought WoW again, installed it, and currently there's some kind of error going on that prevents people from loading the game, so i haven't played it yet. There's a chance i won't like it at all and just quit, but there's an equal chance that i will like it and keep playing.

    The problem is i fear the addiction that came with it in the past, and i absolutely don't want to leave, or even reduce my activity on EPR. Any tips that would help me balance the two would be very welcome. Remember this is not an issue of choice. It's an issue of addiction, which is imo very different.
  7. I haven't written a blog post in like... My god has it been that long? :Boo:

    Yeah, my last blog dates back from when I joined the staff 4 months ago. I can honestly say that had nothing to do with my lack of blog entries in the past few months. Real reason is, I guess I just had nothing worth writing about.

    Even now, I don't really have anything big to say except sharing my holiday wishes and advice with everyone. Y'all know how this works. I'm gonna mention a few people, only to come to the realization I forgot a ton of names hours after i posted this, so if you're not in it, forgive meh pl0x! D:

    Also, the order is completely random, so don't go squeeling like a fangirl if you're high on the list. :p

    Yami: We joined the staff on the same day, and that gave us a connection. You always look up to me like i'm so much better than you, but that's only because you hold yourself in such low esteem. You're a terrific person, you're a good moderator. I have faith in you, so have some in yourself. (I know it's cheesy, gimme a break! X3)

    Yeti: I've never talked to you much, and we're probably not the best of friends. Despite that, I still know that if there's a problem, you're the one to talk to, and you'll always do your best to help. Just realize that door works both ways. :)

    Ramza: To put it bluntly, you're an idiot. :p But you're the best darn idiot I know. You're often rash, and you make the occasional stupid choice. That said, you got a good head on your shoulders and you always know what you're talking about. Don't stop what you're doing, just think before you do it. :p

    Mike: You're the best admin EPR currently has to offer (But let's face it, Grey can't be beaten :p). Of all the people i've worked with so far, you're the one I enjoyed working with the most. I hope there'll be a time when I can work with you again.

    G. Knightmare: Take a gander at Mike's part up there. Couldn't even talk about him without mentioning you. I wasn't lying when I said you can't be beaten. Even in your retirement, you've given me the advice that made me the moderator I've always been. And no, i'm not gonna pull out that grey bar joke this ti-- *shot*

    Foxy: Part of me wishes you'd have stayed as admin. Another part of me respects your choices. Then again, that second part is what makes the first part wish you'd have stayed. PARADOX! :p Thanks for being there. Never change, never leave.

    Berry: In the past we've had some mind-boggling discussions. Seeing your half-smashed face on webcam was always fun. :p I hope your internet connection comes back properly sometime soon. I'd love to see what you're like in the christmas period. XP

    Some other honorable mentions: Echoax, Dragonbait, Tempest Wind, Poetic, Merri, Fluttershy, Rashall, Aynine, Lightning Mustang, Tyro, Darkshine, Zephyr, Dilly Star, Sunburn.

    I just realized most of the above people are either staff members, or used to be. I suppose that's because these are the guys I've truly gotten to know over the past few months. It's easier to write things about them, I guess. To all the rest of you, I say this. You people make EPR what it is. You define it. And only you can improve it. I've seen some things change in the past few weeks I'm happy to have seen. Keep it up.

    And last but not least, this is my blog, so I guess I'll have to write something about myself too.

    For the majority of the time I've spent here, I've been on the staff. I know I've made mistakes in that time. Several even. A number of people have disliked me in the past, maybe some still do. I've had to deal with alot of crap, but despite that, I've always done my best to be better. I've always acted in the best interest of the site, even if people didn't realize it. However, the last mistake I ever made was leaving the staff group, and that's something I'm not afraid of to admit.

    To Everypony alltogether, a pre-emptive Merry Christmas and whatever other holidays you'll be celebrating.

  8. So for those of you who weren't here just now. This was the first time i joined Foxy, Flash and several others on Floxy's Friday Night broadcast, and i contributed... absolutely nothing! X3

    Why was i on the call with them? Well you might already know if you read Foxy's new Community Post, but if you haven't. I'm now a Forum Moderator. Where is your god now!? >:D

    But enough of that, you'll be able to comment plenty about it in Foxy's blog, i assume.

    As for the broadcast, i was horribly quiet, and i hated myself a bit for that. I was hoping to contribute at least a few funny comments if nothing else. One reason for being quiet may have been i'm a tad microphone shy, which is the complete opposite of what i am when i'm just posting stuff.

    Another reason for it is probably Floxy Friday Night is litteraly around midnight for me, and that means two things. I'm tired, and my neighbors can possibly hear me speaking even if i'm not all that loud, which in turn makes me feel awkward for speaking in a different language in the middle of the night when possibly everyone around me can hear what i'm saying. But i don't know if they can actually hear me for sure. XD

    There was also the fact in this case that mostly the discussion started and ended with technical stuff about games and whatnot, about which i know close to nothing. :p

    In any case. If anyone has some good tips for me to actually be able to squeeze my voice into a live conversation, please post them here. I intend to join more Floxy broadcasts when and if i can, but i really wanna get rid of that "not talking at all" bussiness. I was that "awkward guy silently laughing in the corner", and i really want to change that next time.
  9. I was walking through a dark forest with alot of tall trees. I hear something following me, but i don't look back to see what it is and i run for it towards a creepy old bathroom. Once inside, i went down a set of metal stairs, and when i reached the bottom, a metallic panel got pulled open and i went through the hole. I ended up in a huge chamber covered in white panels. In the center of the room there was a regular handgun lying on the ground, and shooting with it somehow created portals. After messing around with said portals for a bit, i fell through a portal and somehow ended up in a dressing cubicle in a clothing store, and when i walked out of there, i was wearing a fancy dress, everyone started laughing at me and then i woke up...

    ...with a huge confusing headache... :sigh:
  10. Well, honestly, it's my first Brony Day ever! :derpe:

    First things first. I'd like to thank Foxy, Flash, Grey, and everypony else for livestreaming ALL the episodes of both Season 1 and Season 2.


    Even though some ponies could have behaved a little bit better during all this, i praise the chat mods for their proffesionalism and keeping it as clean as possible. :smile:

    During this weekend, i've rewatched every single episode for the first time since the original airing date, and it felt great! Season 1 reminded me of what it means to be a brony. Season 2 reminded me of how big and popular the community has become over these 2 years. Watching all these episodes refueled me.
    I'm now officially ready for Season 3. Bring it on! ::S:

    Happy Brony Day, Everypony Radio!


    (Okay, technically it was a weekend, but you get my point. :p)
  11. Quite the misleading title, eh? :Trollestia:

    I just came back from the movie theatre, where i finally, and in full 3D glory, watched The Amazing Spider-Man. In every possible way, this movie has surpassed my expectations. Everything about this movie was a definite improvement over the other 3. In this blog update, i'll do my best to compare the two versions.

    On a side note. i'm aware that most of my critique is at fault of the script writers, not the actors. But i'll be reffering to the actors to keep my points simple to read.

    (May contain minor spoilers!)

    The Main Character
    In the first movies, Tobey Maguire portrayed Parker as an insecure geek, and doing only that, he failed to grasp what Peter Parker is all about. In no way did he depict Parker as an extroardinary science whiz, he just turned him into a high-school science geek. Worst thing is, after he became Spider-Man, he was still that same insecure geek for the duration of three full movies.

    Andrew Garfield portrayed Peter Parker perfectly. A not too shabby scientific genius for someone his age, managing to analyze Oscorp's technology and improve it, using it for the traditional web-shooters which were not even in the first movie. Furthermore, he's scarred by his past and the parents he misses. He's reckless, and a bit of a rebel. He's not at all a nerd, but just a very shy person. He stands up for people who are like him, where Maguire's version would wet his pants at the sight of Flash Thompson.

    The female co-player
    Kirsten Dunst, playing the role of Mary-Jane Watson. She was nothing more than a plot device and a pathetic damsel in distress for Spider-Man to save at the end of the movie. In fact, that was the plot of each movie! "I got your girl, come and save her!"

    Emma Stone, playing the role of Gwen Stacey, and Peter Parker's ORIGINAL girlfriend in the Spider-Man series. If there's one thing she's not, it's a damsel in distress. This woman actually risks her life several times during the movie to help Peter in his efforts. She's not a completely useless plot device. The villain doesn't even show any interest in her at all.

    The main villains
    Willem Dafoe, playing the Green Goblin. Dafoe is an excellent actor. He played his part pretty good, but that's about it. Green Goblin's motivation was revenge on the people who sacked him from Oscorp, and after he did that? "Kill Spider-Man!" Why? Good question! And then there's that awful suit they put him in.

    Alfred Molina, playing Dr. Octopus. Of all the original movie villains, i liked him the most. But what ruined him was the mechanical arms. The excuse they gave him for being a bad guy was that the arms controlled him, because the incredibly fragile inhibitor chip on the most vulnerable spot on the back of his neck got busted during the entirely possible electrocution that followed his incredibely unstable experiment. And how could he not figure out that this energy source of his would pull all forms of metal into it? He created anti-magnetic arms specifically for the purpose of containing the energy, but his laboratory was covered in magnetic metal! Yeah, some genius he turned out to be!

    James Franco, as the second Green Goblin. So... He knows his father was a maniac. He knows his best friend is trying to explain things. But the plot doesn't want him to listen to any of it, and they turn him into a homocidal maniac for what purpose exactly? So his butler can tell him at the end of the movie that Peter really didn't kill his father. His butler KNEW all along, and he waited until the end of the last movie to tell him that. Go figure.

    Topher Grace, as Venom. Not at all close to what he should be. Grace was scrawny, short, and a bit of a sneaky little slimeball. Eddie Brock should have been bigger, more muscled, and an actual "in-your-face" ***hole to Peter Parker. Putting Topher in the Venom suit was a bad idea. The Venom himself was also far too small. Worst part is, his most awesome and recognizable feature, his face, was pulled back every time he talked, just to give the actor more screen time.

    Thomas Church, as the Sandman. He looked the part, that's about it. The manner in which he gained his powers was a bigger plothole than the sandpit he fell into. So a bunch of scientists were running a night-time experiment on... sand? i guess. One of those scientists says there's something wrong. Another guy says it's probably a bird. Again, what's with scientists in these movies? All of them are dumber than a bag of hammers! Besides that, his sudden involvement in Uncle Ben's murder was obviously not planned from the start of the series. Though it's a nice touch, it was uncalled for. And at the end, he's just like. "Whatever, imma rob another bank, toodles!"

    Rhys Ifans, as The Lizard. I have to admit, he was not the actor i had in mind to play the part of Dr. Connors, but he handled the relationship between himself and Peter really well. There wasn't an actual close bond between the two, but you felt like he wanted to know what Peter was all about when they met. There was a very good teacher/student relationship. His motivation combined with his growing insanity was also handled very well, whereas the Green Goblin was just "I'm crazy, deal with it!", Connors actually believed that what he was doing was a good thing. I actually felt sorry for him. I liked how a part of him still wanted to help Peter.

    The Story
    The story of the first three movies... Well, was there a story, really? No. Just basic good guy vs bad guy ft. love triangle drama. That's all i can think of to describe it. When you can sum up the plot of three movies in one sentence, that's just bad!

    The story of the new movie was much deeper, and so much more realistic. Peter Parker's parents were never even mentioned in the first movie, as if they don't even exist. In the first movie, Peter designed his suit to enter a wrestling match. Okay, that's how it happened in the original comic book, but those were the sixties! In the new movie, Peter does nothing more than wear a red mask and some shades to go look for his uncle's killer.

    Which brings me to the Uncle Ben death scenes. Both were handled pretty good, as they were both very similar. Though i have to give Andrew a few more cookies for better acting during the actual death scene. Tobey just walks away and spontaneously finds the guy who killed him. Andrew's version comes up with the whole Spider-Man idea just to find the guy, and he never even found him. He figures out what his uncle wanted for him and he went after other bad guys instead. I found the scene of Andrew trying to save the little kid from a burning car dangling from a bridge much more terrifying, intense, and realistically emotional than the scene with a bunch of kids in a railcar dangling from a bridge. Andrew actually showed that he cared for the kid, where Maguire just dumped the kids on a garbage boat and went on with his day.

    Then there's the people on the bridge in the first movie, throwing all kinds of garbage at the Green Goblin. Yeah that helped!

    In the new movie, the construction worker who was in debt to Spider-Man for saving his son from a burning car, ordered his collegues to man the cranes and position them to help Spider-Man get to Oscorp faster. Now THAT is helpful. As you see Spider-Man running towards those cranes with the pain of a bullet-wound in his leg, and the people of New York doing something to help him, that's just awesome.

    The people on the bridge in the first movie, and the people on the monorail train in the second movie, they just put themselves in the path of the villain, and failed horribly at actually helping. Those were touching scenes, fair enough, but the message they sent was empty.

    The Spidey Outfit
    Not really a big issue, but i wanted to mention this little thing anyway. The first movie's outfit was very much designed to be similar to the original, except for the bright blue making way for the darker blue. The entire costume seemed to be made from light and easily ripped apart stretchy fabric. If i didn't know any better, i'd say it was taken straight from the cartoon.

    The new movie's outfit looks way more real. The suit was still as flexible as it should be, but from what you could see, it actually looked strong, and actually provided at least some protection. The appearance was altered slightly as if saying "Hey, it's a movie. Why not add some more little details?" But it remained true to the original.

    In short, the first three movies were bland, superficial, simple, and basic. Not to mention alot of cheesy, cliché, and horribly written lines.

    The new movie had interesting characters, and actors to give those characters the credit they deserve. The entire movie as a whole was interesting to watch, and leaves the viewer waiting desperately for a sequel.


    It took me 3 hours to write this, i hope to get some opinions. :derpe:
  12. A few days ago, my yearly vacation period of 3 weeks started. I always say i really need these weeks, because by the time i get them, i'm so stressed out from work i could kill someone for looking at me the wrong way... But then, when i'm enjoying my time off, i realize i'm also bored out of my mind.

    Today, i've done absolutely nothing. And i do mean that in the litteral sense.

    I woke up at 6am, as i usually do. I find myself unable to sleep much longer than that. Heck, 6am if i'm lucky! Usually, it's earlier. I turn on my computer, check my e-mails, youtube comments, EPR forums, facebook, etc... And then i just get on my couch, and i just sit there being bored. I'd turn on the TV if the programming wasn't so awfully dull during the day. I'd watch a DVD if i hadn't seen them all 10 times before. Same for video games. Yesterday i went out to maybe buy something new, but i didn't find anything that caught my interest. Then there are people who suggest i do certain stuff, but my reply is usually "I don't feel like it..."

    So basically my entire day is sitting on my couch doing nothing, or sitting infront of my computer watching the paint dry, so to speak.

    Which actually brings me to another issue.

    Why has it been so godawfully quiet here the past few days? Hardly anyone comes online, hardly anyone posts something, except for the forum games, which usually aren't my cup of tea. Is it just because now unlike other weekdays, i'm actually online all day, and it's always like this? Or is there really a reduced amount of activity lately? I want to say something should or could be done to increase daily activity a bit, but right now i'm feeling just a bit unmotivated to do anything at all... :sigh:

    Then again, take a look at my usual forum interest charts:


    That's taken from page 1 of the "new posts" section. As you can see, not alot of what usually goes on here grabs my interest, and the recent activity decrease in the green-colored sections isn't really helping me...
  13. So i finally managed to purchase Minecraft for PC. I've had the Xbox360 version for a while now, but i always felt like i was missing out on a ton of stuff.

    That said, the PC version is very different from what i'm used to. So if anyone wants a noob in their world, feel free to let me in. Also, i'd appreciate it if someone tells me how that works exactly.:derpe:

  14. First, some inspirational music!:derpe:

    Inspired by ThePoeticPony's latest blog update, and in a lesser way, by Ramza's latest blog update. I'll be honest with all of you, and i think i can speak for alot of the members here on EPR when i say the following:

    I have NO idea what's going on within the staff group. None of us do. All we know is there's something bothering you all. For some reason, alot of you feel the need to criticise yourself lately about things that, as far as we know, are non-existant.

    The most popular things i hear are these:

    - "We're not active enough on the forums."
    - "Some staff members are corrupt."
    - "Some staff members are lazy or uncaring."

    All of this is untrue as far as any regular member knows. I don't know where you're getting these ideas. I don't see anyone being lazy. I can't sense any corruption. And as far as activity on the forums goes, no one can decide how active you should be. You be as active as you want to be!

    I used to be a staff member on another forum, and i've dealt with situations like this too, so here's a few tips. Consider them gifts from my past experiences.

    Stop bringing yourselves down for no reason.
    We need you guys to be supportive and friendly staff members. Not emotional wrecks!

    Be who you are, not who you should be.
    Don't take your job too seriously. The hardest thing about becoming a staff member is not losing yourself in the process.

    We can't police the police.

    You expect our opinions and criticism on things we know next to nothing about. If we don't know exactly what the problem is, we can't help. If that sort of information is too sensitive or personal to place on the forums, then send it to me personally. I can help.

    Have fun!
    Apparently, this is what everyone tells the new members when they join.


    Right now, i may be the one blowing this out of proportions, but Poetic's blog really got to me. There seems to be alot of negativity going on between the staff, and if there's anything i'd care to dedicate myself to, it's helping you guys to get back on the right track. I'm ready and willing, but not able!

    As far as i'm concerned, i'm your best friend!
  15. Lately, there have been many discussions on how the members of the EPR staff are doing. Surveys have been made, opinions have been given, and ideas have been shared. But i'd like to propose another interesting idea.

    How are the members of EPR doing?

    In the comments below, tell me anything that i could do to improve myself. Do i post enough? Too much? Do i need to be more serious? More silly? Am i friendly enough? Too friendly? Anything at all.

    I invite everyone, members and staff members alike, to give your opinions on me. And i'd like to encourage others to do the same, if they think it's necessary for themselves to receive some feedback.

    I would very much like to know what you all think of me. Be it good or bad. :derpe: