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  1. So I've recently got my hands on Dark Souls 2, and let me tell you, this game is basically just King's Field on steroids.

    For those of you who don't know, King's Field was Dark Souls before Dark Souls. It was my very first game in life. And it. Was. Hard. For the most part, I never even knew where I was going, and every time I felt bold, I either got dipped in lava, or fell into a room filled up to the ceiling with moving gelatinous beasties that we're basically green hello molds that breathed poison.

    And don't get me started on the giant mosquitoes that I couldn't do anything about, because all I had was this short, broken sword, and no ability to jump whatsoever.

    Lovely to see that lack of a mechanic make its return in Dark Souls.

    The spook factor is about the same, what with dreading the appearance of some bastard with a fire-bomb, or some ogre-looking enemy, or accidentally hitting the big dude sitting under the tree, rivaling even that time I got torn apart by a freaking giant maggot, but luckily, Dark Souls is a brighter game.

    That's right.


    Even more fun is how I keep falling into the shadowy abyss. Much fun. And if I had a nickel for every time I died because my inventory menu was still up, I could buy a full fledged meal at Wendy's. No less, I love the mechanics of the game, and while, just like King's Field, I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing in the least bit, and the internet hasn't really helped much, it's still a great game, with phenomenal NPCs that really capture the mood of the game, good graphics, and pretty awesome outfits for my character. I also appreciate the mechanic where I can just point at stuff and laugh.

    Plus, any game that puts an explanation on redrawn is bound to be a pretty cool game.
  2. Well, look who's back.

    I know, I know. I've said it a million times before.

    I've moved several times, and I'm about to move yet again.


    Yeah, yeah, probably not very big news to anyone else, but coming from a very low-class background, it's a game changer. So I can definitely be on more often.

    Times are tough, but I've missed this place, and I can't wait to catch up on what's been happening. I'm definitely going to be here more often.

    It's good to be back.
  3. I know. I've said it before: "I'm back!" This time, I mean it. Life is straightening out, and things are being put into place.

    Now it's time for me to relax.

    Now I'm excited to say that


    And frankly, I think it's time to get things running.
    No more RPs that stroll off into non-existence,
    It's time to do some schtick!
  4. You can't kill what won't die.

    I have made my return, and like all horror movie villains, I plan on coming back strong. I have spent plenty of time roaming the Earth, facing a multitude of stories from my life that may never again see the light of day. Then I came back to this crummy old computer, continued my psychological torture of various adolescants in the world, being the Boogeyman that I am. Sometimes I wore some coveralls or an apron, other times, I put on my darkest suit and tie. But I always, ALWAYS, come back to continue what I have started...

    And it is beautiful.

    On the other hand, my cooking skills have only had up to go. I now proudly reveal that I have a secret sauce of my own that I like to call Firefly sauce. Would you like to know what is in it?

    Also, recently I had been getting some new inches. Growing well, at a height of just under seven whole feet. I do plan on making use of my height, mainly by taunting people who think they're tall until they meet me.

    One last thing, I plan to start filming my own remake of the classic Halloween, of course, with a much creepier stalker vibe reminicent of the 80's version as compared to the Rob Zombie version, which was pretty good, just not in the way we all wanted it to be.

    So no, you will not see Mikey's face....................................... which will be me.
    Yup. I'm writing the script, directing, and acting. For anyone who knows their horror, you'll notice that the one movie will be a remake of the first TWO Halloween movies. Hospital scene! Yay!

    That's all for now.

    Stay scary, Everpony!
  5. It's been quite a while since my last activity on here.

    But that's only because I haven't seen much activity on here myself.
    But that's okay. I've occupied myself with plenty other things, especially my favorite thing to cheer: WWE. For those of you who know about all that, you'd probably successfully guess that I'm a real fan of the Wyatt family, all three of them. What is it I find desirable? Is it the beards? Is it the cult-theme going on? Maybe the whole backwoods family out to kill you? Brotherly love? All of the above. For those who have kept up on their WWE, you've notice that they've kind of split up. But I know they'll be back as one.

    Anyway, I bet alot of you aren't actually interested in all that. So here's some stuff. Crim already knows, but they've come out with yet ANOTHER Taken copy, called Walk Among the Tombstone. Do you think Liam is ever going to stop losing his family? He should just stop having any, because it isn't working out too well for him. Ouija was probably one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen since that stupid sequel to the Blair Witch Project. The first BWP was awesome, but both the second one and Ouija share a common factor on the fact that, first, they're just not scary at all, and second, they have the same story and effect quality of any Syfy movie you've probably seen, even though there might be a couple movies on the channel that changed its name from Sci-fi for no reason whatsoever.

    Yet let's switch to something good. Not too long ago I saw possibly the best two action movies in my life, and though they're kind of cliche as to the retired-bada**-getting-back-to-killing-people-all-bada**-like, going by the names the Equalizer and John Wick. Also, going back to the subject of horror movies, which all of you should know I love, I saw the Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death and Paranormal Activity: The Marked ones. Despite the dumb prequel name, it was an absolutely wonderful movie, and being set in WWII AND being a horror movie, with plenty of emotional toll in it? That's pretty much my perfect movie. Could've had something scarier than some ugly hag that looked quite suspiciously like he evil wedding granny from both Insidious movies. Coinky-dink? I think not. Insidious 2 was pretty good as well. But ultimately, I'd have to say that one of my horror movies of the year was Oculus. You don't see too many movies going all subtle-silent-hill-or-fatal-frame style mind-bending paranormal horror, certainly not since Mr. Boogey doing his little film projects. But ever since the first few Paranormal Activity movies, it's hard to get spooked by a film that didn't looked like something that'd never make you go down to the basement again because you thought they actually filmed something real... in your own house. That's why my Horror Movie King-of-the-Ringu (hope you get the reference to the original Japanese horror fest that made me afraid of wells under houses) goes to he movie As Above So below. Spoilers? Here.

    The story takes place as a document to find the REAL Philosophers Stone made by the REAL Nicholas Flammel, which, if you've done your research is supposed to be a real thing. The movie originally stats in the middle east in a totally claustrophobic scene which can make you think quite a bit of the great movie Deliver Us From Evil. Eventually, we go to Paris, and start entering the infamous catacombs where we start getting bit of a cult vibe when we see a bunch of creepy women in blindfolds just.... I don't know... their voices simply get higher and higher in pitch unison, and it seems inhuman. We start getting really creeped out when the past comes back to haunt people, because that's just something true evil does. hen reality bends. Those together make some serious horror equation I haven't seen since he youtube Marble Hornets videos featuring on bit of my absolutely split personality slendering up some college or maybe senior kids. And then we get kind of weirded out when we get to find the Philosophers Stone, but eventually, the name becomes true, and to go to the surface, we must journey downwards. Superspoiler: We see a masked figure in some weird robe. Very brief, but I'll get to that later. The walls come alive to go for more physical fear, but eventually, after some really mind-*********g apparitions, we get to this little plate on the ground, and when you open it up, it opens up to... the streets of paris? As Above So Below indeed. But the main reason I love it is the fact that a sequel is very much subtly hinted. The masked figure seems like it would be incredibly important so some other story, as the woman-cult, since we don't see much of them either. And we don't see what happens to the remaining few people who did survive after they start walking what appeared to be a desolate street in Paris... at day. A normal person wouldn't think much, but I somehow think they never escaped at all. Wouldn't a place that chops up your psyche with visions of the past, alternate present, and possible future really seem like it couldn't make you THINK you escaped? I've got a feeling that the catacombs under Paris are a little deeper than that.

    If you didn't read the spoiler, you missed alot. Will I make up for that?

    Hah, no.
  6. This is the week of All Hallows Eve. Seven days, seven different costumes. That's how I do it. But my spotlight costume? Everypony, I have to say this one thing. I love this place. My whole life has been a big wreck, but it all seems worthwhile thanks to people like you. You are all kind, caring people, showing some of the best parts of humanity. I very much need to say this:

    Danke Schoen, Everypony


    That's right. I'm going to be Jason Voorhees during the Day of Samhain. I also have several other costumes, but this will be my spotlight. I've customized a cheap plastic mask to look movie quality via butter knife and cheap markers, and I've got some good horror movie quality clothes, like all my clothes are. I don't use stupid red ink or paint for my effects, either. I use real animal blood I get from my hunting trips. Smells like a horror movie, too. I like the smell, but apparently not all humans were made for the outdoors. But again, I must say, I could not have been happier without you guys, and as such...

  7. View attachment 8030

    HERE I AM.

    Congratulations you have just seen my face, clean shaven, yet not well-combed.

    I usually have my hair slicked back. I need some pomade.
  8. And here I am, looking upon grey skies under the willow tree. The light breeze allows light sprinkles of rain to cool what bear skin I have, the mask I wear letting in the smallest drops of water onto my eyelids, as I let my dear friend, my dog Katy sleep on my stomach, spiders and centipedes and other little critters crawling their way, little legs tackling my bear hands as a thousand soft blades of grass cushion me in the cool dusk. I love it. I love it all. But as long as it is possible I can be seen by another human being, I dare not take this mask off. Unsettling as the burlap cover is, I do not share my face but with that which I love. Man is mortal. A symbol lasts forever. My many masks are for me, a part of me, are me. What do I love? My dog. The little critters I let inside my house. But not quite myself. I do make sure I survive, but all the mirrors are broken. Shattered into a thousand distorted pieces like my own soul. I am man. I am mortal. But I am also something else. I am hollow. I am empty. And here I am... under the willow tree.....
  9. So we all know how I love masks. I found these two websites that I love. You should definitely check them out, they are very, very neat.

  10. Each time I do an RP like the One-on-One I'm doing with Crim, I do it with emotion and passion. It may be due to my creativity, but I feel that it's more so a matter of connection. The second world war was an incredibly emotional matter, almost possibly more than it was physical. And it intertwined into entire cultures, and now, there are people, such as myself, who have connections to it. Along with a part of being German, I do have members in my family, some living, some passed away for various reasons, who had been a part of Nazi Germany. From my past, I have written stories galore of the second world war. Along with this, I have always imagined a certain score to it, and so as my first presentation to the music of one of my projects, I bring to you the Music of Under the Grey Eagle. (I have a kind of idea as to where to assign these things, you know, main theme, someone's music, but I'm not quite sure, but I'll see if you think it's appropriate.)

    Main Theme


    Adrian's Song


    Rene's Song


    Nadja's Song


    End theme


    I have plenty of others I'm considering, but these are the major ones. I hope you enjoy them.
  11. As the case actually, is, I just grow a beard during school vacations, breaks, days off, weekends, etc. I'm usually clean shaven for school because there, I just happen to be....

    *pause for dramatic effect*


    So, I will keep growing it. Until back-to-school day, at least. So when that day comes...


    (Mucho memes, mein freund.)
  12. I... have just lost my dearest friend. He was a good friend, who I could cuddle, and pull, and tussle with.

    I have lost him in this exact manner


    Norde was so epic. :'(

    (In case you're wondering, I named him after Nordics, aka vikings, who had EPIC beards.)

    My foster-mother had made me shave. It was horrible. But at least I went out in the best way possible.

    <.< So yeah. Please, it would be nice if each of you could say something in memorium to Beardy as he is taken from the realm of Midgard to Valhalla by the good Valkyries. He has had an honorable death service, and has been sent out to sea on a burning longship. May Odin rest his soul.

  13. So, since Crimson is critiquing movies, and Ridley is off critiquing other countries, I might as well critique what I love, do some articles, whatnot; Fine food. Maybe other fine things in life, but for now, food. Why? My Hannibal-y side is nagging me about it all the time. (Blame Asperger's.) So, since I love fine food, especially the ones with the right amount of lemon zest, I'll start doing that, as well as posting my own recipes and cooking/eating travels. I'm a cultured man. I can do it.

    Unfortunately.... I'll probably not see the Quartet for a while, the place to go in Portland for fine food where I used to attend every month or so, even played the piano there. But since the owners keep bickering with each other and whatnot, it's pretty much closed... or so I'm told by my mom, who knows one of the owners. But they had absolutely delicious meals there. I love the lamb chops, and the deserts are scrumptious. The best part is the restaurant itself. Not only does it have the beautiful view of the river and the sun setting upon the city, but the inside is pretty neat, too. Lovely architecture, and its formal atmosphere is delightful. I love the lamb chops there, they're my favorite thing to order.

    Portland is also a place renown for its cafes. (Although there's this one place that I forget the name of, it's right by this antique store called Red Fox Vintage, don't go. Bathrooms suck, and there's always eggshells in the pancakes.) I know this one place that has a very good breakfast menu called the Cameo Cafe, known for it's fairly large pancakes. (There's another place I forget the name of, it's pancakes are four times as big. I think it's in Astoria. I know the cook there, he's a pretty nice guy.) The Bacon Ham Turkey sandwich is pretty good too.
  14. Benjamin Franklin said that two things were certain: Death and taxes.
    I'd like to add on that.


    -Downfall of great nations.






    Every great nation will find itself at war. Loved people shall be placed on the battlefield, and pay with their lives. Back t the homeland, fingers will be pointed, men will regret decisions, and it will seem like all is lost. But, in your heart, no one can die. Think of it like that Santa Claus ordeal. I believe in Santa Clause. But he's not really that jolly old man with a baby face, a bit of a stomach, and God's hair style. He is a part of our hearts, where in those of adults, he says, "You should get that Louisville Slugger for little Timmy, Jim-Bob." In children, he says "Look under the tree, Betty-Sue." That iconic man with the red we see on Coca-Cola commercials is an idea, and ideas don't die. The gas-mask you see me wear is a symbol to me. It means that even though we've gone through some treacherous terrain, there's a chance I might make it out alive. Think on it.
  15. A character of mine whose persona hasn't appeared quite yet on Everypony, Adrian the Dollmaker is possibly one of my less... what is the word? Pitiful? Yes. One of my less pitiful characters. He doesn't have much of a reason, at least, not one that anyone has figured out yet so far, for his actions upon the world. Adrian came from an orphanage, which at first he seemed plenty happy in, but if one took a look in his room, there was the obvious fact that he was insane from the start. With a bit of an obsession over dolls, he made hundreds of dolls. But here is the worse part. Adrian had eventually massacred everyone in the large orphanage he grew up in, causing a power outage, slitting throats, and taking faces off of people all using only an Exacto-knife. He himself had created a porcelain mask for his own baby-face, and started a killing spree that would endure his entire life. The way h had killed the people in the orphanage had become his signature in all of his homicides, with the addition to the fact that sometimes he would take a family man who as away from his family, take his face, wear it over his own face, and proceed to visit the family and kill them as well. He collects manikins, placing faces and sometimes even scalps, (cleaned and embalmed in order to preserve them) onto the manikins. Adrian tends to send cryptic messages to the locl police and even the FBI, but he can still not be found...