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  1. (So I know that my last blog entry was a bit all over the place but I figured that I needed an intro.
    Now on to the real blog!)

    So I started watching One Piece again. And i just wanted to do this quick post to ask a question to those who watch. What was your favorite fight scene? For me it has to be hands down the fight between Luffy and Bellamy. I hated Bellamy so much so when the fight happened it was soooo satisfying.
  2. So I guess I have started to get invested in this forum. I have never really had a blog seeing as I could never really even keep a journal. So I will try to keep the site uploaded with my random thoughts and doings. So a little about the IRL me. I am 23 yrs old, I have lived in Alabama, USA most of my life (born on the western coast of America). I have two little dogs that I adore. If anything I have to say I side with Applejack alot because at times I can be brutally honest. I actually started watching the show when my cousin had the show (episode 7 of season 2) Playing on the TV. I WAS HOOKED. It spoke to me a lot because I never really was a outgoing person. I Never really expected the community to boom like it did. I have not met many people that share my love of MLP and now that I have this forum I have a place to fit in. So thanks for being here guys! :twi: